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Arbor Day: Best Shade Trees

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Published on: April 30, 2021

This Arbor Day, Trees Matter is encouraging you to plant shade trees.

Trees Matter is non-profit organization (and TMC member!) that works to promote an increased tree canopy in the Valley.

Did you know that trees offer many critical functions such as shade, pollution reduction, dust reduction, food, increased property value, carbon sequestration, increase in mental and physical health, and more? The bottom line is we need more trees in the Valley.

Here is a list of their favorite shade trees that grow well here in Phoenix:

  1. We always love desert adapted shade trees, they’re simply the best for our tough climate! Palo Verde and Mesquite are the teams’ top faves.
  2. Another option is the desert adapted Chinese Red Push Pistache – they have beautiful red/orange foliage in the fall.
  3. Flowering Pear, Texas Mountain Laurel, or Hong Kong Orchid are great if you want a floral pop of beauty!

And here is how you can support Trees Matter!

Follow them on social media @treesmatteraz (Instagram, Facebook, twitter) 

Subscribe to their monthly e-newsletter which has valuable info for the community to stay up to date & support (

Make a donation if you feel it’s within your ability to do so! Or consider becoming a monthly member! Investing in Trees Matter helps ensure they can continue to fulfill their mission every day! (They have a donate button on their profile!)

Volunteer! Trees Matter relies heavily on volunteers for the amazing work they do! Opportunities include helping give out trees to the community, planting trees in schools, internships, and more! ( )

Looking for more ways to support Trees Matter?